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Hiring Drug Trafficking Lawyer - Getting the Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking has become an increasing problem in Florida. Its prime coastal location makes it an ideal spot for drug dealers looking to smuggle drugs into the country. However, the police and federal authorities are also aware of the drug activity in Florida and have been cracking down on all drug crimes, from cultivation and manufacturing to trafficking.

What Qualifies as Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is defined as the sale or distribution of drugs, but may also include possession of drugs with the intention of selling or distributing them. Also, having possession of raw materials used to make drugs with the intent of being part of the distribution process can also qualify as trafficking. Essentially, any involvement in the process of distributing and selling drugs could be considered trafficking, including:

-Smuggling drugs or chemicals to make drugs into the country,
-Being involved in the transportation or distribution of drugs,
-Transporting or distributing raw materials to aid in the manufacture of illegal drugs,

If you have committed any of the above offenses, you may find yourself arrested on drug trafficking charges. A drug trafficking lawyer can helps much in this situation.  Not only will you have a criminal record if you are convicted, but you will also likely be facing jail time and other severe penalties.

The lawyers who decide whether to file charges or which charges will be filed, are called "prosecutors" or "state attorneys." Shortly after your arrest, the prosecutor will subpoena all the witnesses against you to attend what's called an "invest." At the "invest" (short for investigation), the state attorney gathers evidence from these witnesses to see whether they have all the elements of a crime which can be proven to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hiring Drug Trafficking Lawyer - Getting the Penalties for Drug Trafficking

If they do have all the information, they will file a formal charge against you. The formal charging document is called an "Information." It will detail the statute you violated and the date it was allegedly committed. If not, a NINF (No Information) will be filed.

Importance of Hiring Attorney

A qualified Attorney can influence the outcome of an "invest." Without a lawyer intervening on your behalf at this invest, all the prosecutor will hear are the accusations against you. There is no balance or anticipated defenses for them to consider. What an Attorney will do is convey all of your defenses to them in writing and by telephone contact.

This way, they are able to consider legal hurdles that may exist as well as factual disputes they will have to anticipate at trial either by your testimony or the testimony of additional defense witnesses who were not interviewed at the scene. It is critical that your attorney intervenes on your behalf as soon as possible to even the playing field on your behalf. Countless cases have been positively affected through my early involvement and intervention.

Drug Trafficking arrests are becoming increasingly common. The prosecutor does not have to prove you were selling drugs to present a case to a jury for drug trafficking against you. Florida Statutes on trafficking charges only require that you possessed a certain amount of prescription drugs without a prescription. Many times, the number of pills needed to make a trafficking charge are minimal. We are experienced at helping clients avoid trafficking convictions.

Your lawyer can intervene on your behalf to show that your possession of pills stemmed from a drug habit that developed as the result of an injury. Some clients of Hamilton Law Services have even had their drug trafficking, doctor shopping and withholding information from a practitioner arrest records sealed after their cases were resolved.

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